Thursday, November 20, 2014

Human Heart Nature beauty and sckincare Products Review

Human Heart Nature beauty Products Review :

I became interested in organic products early last year when I read an article about parabens.  Paraben is a chemical added to most of cosmetic products in the market as a preservative.  It is very popular among industrial company manufacturing beauty products because it extends the shelf life due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Some of the documented side effects of this chemical are skin irritations, premature aging and breast cancer risk.

Unfortunately, I noticed that most of organic products sold cost an arm and leg.  Anyway, I researched and found this company that sells affordable organic products.  I was impressed with their core values PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO- ENVIRONMENT. Here's a link if you want to read more about it- Human Heart Nature.  The products are relatively cheap so I went ahead and bought a few.

Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil
According to the site this is a miracle oil that can lighten dark skin, diminish stretchmarks appearance. Don't we all wish there is something like that in the market that actually works. There is a cult following for this product but personally, I haven't notice any difference in the color of my elbow or lips, its still slightly darker than the usual pigment of my skin.  Some lucky people claims that it helped lightened their stretchmarks and thicken the strand of their hair, again it was not evident in my case.  All in all, this oil is okay for me because its cheap, easy to apply though its consistency is heavier than Neutragena's (which can be bothersome in our humid climate) and  moisturize well. The only downside of this product is it can turn rancid after a few months just like a regular cooking oil. Check  more detailed review of this beauty oil  here


This exfoliating product is cheap compared to those being sold by the body shop.  Out of everything I have purchased from this company this is one my favorite, though I know some people would be widely bothered with its strong scent.  I am not a fan of lemongrass but I liked the experience as I scrubbed away the grime and dirt in the shower, it made me feel really clean and fresh. The only thing bad I can say about this is product is brown rice grits, the exfoliating ingredient, is minimal. For some it defeated the whole purpose of doing a body scrub.  Those who preferred not to be flayed alive with a sandpaper type of scrubs proliferating in the market could get this instead and have a mild exfoliation experience.


I bought these  because I am what you would call a berry scent fanatic.  In fact when I was a freshman in college, my favorite lip balm and cologne were the strawberry ones.  In reality, I have never found a berry product that I don't like except for Calpol (Paracetamol) until I have the misfortune of laying my eyes on these product, I am not sure what was going on with the noses of this company's tester here. Its cloying and in your face type that had me gagging initially. It reminded me wilting flowers post valentines. Aside from that the texture of the lotion is light which would have been a blessing if it is not very runny. It reminded me of yogurt gone bad. 

Human Heart Nature Hair Care line is quite popular with the netizens, according to most reviews it helps lessen falling hair and hair breakage.  I ve posted a few reviews on beautysha  , so you can find it  there  .I could not attest to this since I got the small version so it did not do anything for my hair after few washes.  The pros would be it has a great scent and it feels clean and fresh. The cons? Cannot think of any just yet.